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I’m a big fan of accessories as you most probably can tell, judging from my blog alone. I feel that accessories are key to every look because the pieces pull garments together to make looks come alive.  

From nail painting to nail jewellery quite literally is the latest trend to be rocked by the indigenous fashion enthusiast.  I’m not talking tacky gems that you stick onto your nail bed to spruce up your manicure, but miniature pieces of metal artwork  that looks like knights armor meets a bejeweled ring.

These pieces are really cool they come in a variety of intricate design styles that compliment painted nails and hand jewellery a like. Celebrities like Beyonce, Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian’s have all rocked out this funky cool emerging trend, which gives the fingers a whole new dimension.

If you’re not one to be adventurous with your dressing style, go all out with your accessories with these cuff like rings that fit on the tips of your fingers. They are available in the most dramatic blinged rhinestone designs that will give any manicure a look a cut above the rest.

I have put together a list of the Top 5 most stylish and affordable styles…

1.       Raven eve Jewellery Store- Emerald City ring

This nail candy is a stunning piece of art; it features vintage design inspirations in a design that is bold and intricate. This is definitely one for the jewellery box you can team it with your off duty look or it will also work well as a little treasure that you can bring out for cocktails at the bar. The ring is open on the back which makes it easy for you to wear. To make this nail armor make even more of a statement, wear brightly coloured nail varnish that contrast with the emerald green of the gem, this will make a cool fashion forward enviable look.

Etsy-Goblin Queen Fierce

This site has an extensive range of nail armor jewellery. Out of all the designs this one really stood out for me, it features two nail caps which are linked together with three dainty chains. The handmade brass ring also features embellished detailing of a rose with crystal like gems. Just beautiful.

3.       Alibaba-Knuckle duster nail armor

I like this design because the whole of your figure is taken up by the ring including the nail. This ring would look stunning worn on it’s own or part of a composition of stacked rings.

4.       Etsy- Silver dragon claws

These nail armor’s come in a set of five. They have are in a design that would cover the tips of all nails giving the illusion that your nails metal extensions. This design is much more fragile compared to most as they are silver plated. They are easy to put on, simply clipping on and around the finger. 

5.       Designs by Stephanie-Ever Eden

This nail armor design is available that links in stunning 14 kt yellow gold or silver plated. This ring comes with two clips attached with a fine chain that links between the two. I love the texture of a snake scale like surface design.

There you have it, jewellery for your nails. Which of these are your faves?


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