Grill's: Teeth Jewellery

When I was about five I used to desperately want a gold tooth, on growing up and learning that it was a permanent style feature, I quickly dismissed the idea. I’ve always been a fan of mouth jewellery it’s a great extension in the way you can accessorise your look. I remember when tooth gems came out; I was totally obsessed and used to have a tiny gem constantly adorned to my incisor tooth. When I talked or smiled the tooth gave a sparkling glimmer, which I’m kind of ashamed to admit I loved.

Since then a new type of teeth jewellery has become the latest trend, a huge development from the tooth gem, teeth grills have become a worldwide epidemic. Grills were once only worn by hip hop artists during the 80’s but the trend has transpired into mainstream fashion where the likes of A-lister celebrities like Madonna, Miley Cyrus and BeyoncĂ© have all joined the grill brigade.

Grills are essentially jewellery for the mouth; they are removable and are generally made from metal in silver and gold finishes. They come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes. Grills can be adorned to both the top and bottom set of teeth and if you choose you can wear them singularly.

Grills will give you an urban style aesthetic, while taking your style into new blinged out dimensions. I've lised the top 5 grill styles around…

1.      Top Row of Teeth Fire- Hip Hop ring gold plated rings- £12.99

2.       Mixed Combination-£945.00

3.       Gold polished shiny teeth- £15.87

There you have it, are you going to give grills ago?


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