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The Jelly shoe is here to stay...

It feels like yonks since I pleaded with my mum to get me a pair of jelly shoes, and it feels rather peculiar that 20 years later I’m considering rocking another pair of these timeless classics. Summer is not quite here but jelly shoes are back! The new generation of jelly shoes are far more sophisticated than any other season I recall with the likes of Marni and Marc Jacobs re-inventing styles from flat to high heeled and from open toed to glittered. The jelly shoe is truly great, versatile enough to team them with any outfit you may chuck on.

This season has not just seen the jelly trend hit the runways for womenwear collections, these childhood flashbacks are making a storm for men also. Paul Smith sent his models down the catwalks in jelly squidgy delights for the ultimate cool smart casual look.

These childhood classics look cute and make a great alternative to wellies for days of dismal rainy weather like what we have seen of late. What we love about the jelly shoe is the fact that they are durable, come in the most fabulous colours and have intricate designs. Jellies can be styled with almost anything and donning a pair of these with ankle socks or blocked tights will instantly give you a retro cool feel to your outfit.

This ‘throwback’ trend is so easy to style and would make the perfect addition to any shoe collection. They are not ridiculously expensive and can be found in every colour under the rainbow. Investing in a pair of these will lift the dullest of outfits, giving your look added depth and texture, and instantly giving you a more stylish look.

In celebration of the comfy squelchers we have put together a list of the top 10 jelly shoes, for you to bounce brightly into summer.

These dainty glitter sparkles are the ultimate jellified cool flattie shoe. The shoe is made in clear jelly with silver glitter running through. The shoe has an open peep toe that is finished off with fine detailing of a cute jelly bow for that added feminine touch. These shoes would look great with denim jeans and or cropped trousers.

2.      Diane Von Furstenberg
These jelly beauts are the epiphany of how intricate jelly shoe designs are today. These shoes have been made in a smoky grey jelly with detailing that criss-crosses over the top of the foot and elegantly fastens at the ankle. These shoes paired with your favourite dress and clutch makes the perfect summer look.

3.      Fendi
Step in to summer in these platforms that are jelly entwined. These shoes brought to you by Fendi are the versatile must have. The design features a blocked multi coloured platform with criss-cross straps that go around the ankle with gold buckle detailing. Don the ‘Fendi’ with oversized trousers or a jumpsuit to give you longer looking legs and balance out the silhouette of your outfit.

4.      Marni
These will be that statement piece to your outfit. They come in a bright cerise pink that will instantly make the dullest of outfits pop! They are made completely in jelly in a design that has two straps that go over the top of the foot and one around the ankle. Team the luscious treats with lighter colour palette clothing and other brightly coloured accessories to complete an on trend and stylish look.

5.      Marc by Marc Jacobs
Marc Jacobs secondary shoe line is just as amazing as the first. These shoes would make the perfect holiday buy that you can wear on the beach or cocktails at the bar. The shoe is made of jelly with mesh closure at the foot and back of the shoe with ankle detailing. These jelly beauts would look great with a long skirt and slit and maybe even one that you slip into your work wardrobe.

6.      Burberry
These T-bar sandals will subtly add glamour and style to your look. The sole side facing of the shoe is adorned with the traditional tartan Burberry pattern to flash designer elegance. The sandals come in a black jelly with a t-bar design which makes them versatile in what you can team them with. These ‘Burb’ sandals would look great with a long skirt or maxi dress.

7.      Jimmy Choo
Animal prints are hot this season and these animal print incrusted jelly shoes are the ones to go for. The sandal is a T-bar jelly design in white, embellished with a black diamond like jewel. The sole of the jelly sandal is transparent, with the facing side of the shoe in a black and white leopard print. These are the ultimate get-away sandal that you can rock with almost any bikini or kaftan for a stylish beach look.

8.      Marc Jacobs
These jelly shoes are the perfect all-rounder flat shoes. They are perfect for summer and work well in the rain. This all-jelly ballet like shoes comes in all black with bow detailing at the front of the shoe. Wear these on a beach holiday and turn up your chic style.

9.      Givenchy
These stunning ocean blue sandals embody the traditional style of a jelly shoe. The design features caged straps that tie into knots over the top of the foot and fastening around the ankle. These would look intense paired with short denim shorts with a white tee tucked in.

10. JuJu
Last but by no means least, these are the ultimate jelly shoe. This shoe is that traditional jelly shoe that we long for in our adolescent years. The design is of caged strapping with ankle fastening. They have a small platform and heel and are available in almost any colour. They look cool with patterned socks long or short.

Which are your jellified yesteryear faves?


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