The Go-to Style Picks for a Rainy Day!

The rain is unfortunately inevitable, but like my Nan say’s “the trees need it!” I’m a person that can stomach the cold but when it’s wet, its weather that I just can’t stand. I have to say that my ultimate pet hate has got to be using public transport all muggy with wet people. Whether the rain catches you out or you’re fully prepared with your brolly, the rain somehow how seems to seep in and get you and there is nothing worse than getting to where ever you’re going and having to survive the day feeling soggy and damp, and let’s not even go there with the effects of this kind of whether on the hair do!

It’s all very tempting on days that dreary and miserable pouring with rain to slip on into the most unattractive but comfortable attire that is glum and gloomy as the grey clouds. Just because it rains there is no excuse to look as bleak as the weather, because this season more so any has ultra stylish rain pieces so that you can look your very best rain or shine.

Be fully prepared for the rain here on out with super stylish style picks that will make you look good. I’m not talking about bringing out your green filed jackets or Timberland boots, but regular clothing that is rain repellent with a stylish aesthetic.

Discover an edit of rainy day essentials that will leave you dry even through the wettest of April showers without ever compromising on your stylish repertoire…

The Rain Coat

The raincoat is one of the most ultimate rain proof coats that you can ever invest in this season. They were huge for A/W 14 and this season has seen styles develop into more interesting designers such as the yellow Balenciaga rain coat we saw for S/S 15 which had texturised detailing and a fur collar.

The greatness of a rain coat as a outwear garment comes in the way that you can style them, you can either go for transparent styles and layer up with a light weight number or introduce a raincoat to a look in garish colours for that colour pop drowsy day. 

3. Zara


If there is one type of boot to keep your foot dry all season, it has got to be the Wellington boot. It was once a style only acceptable for wearing at festivals but the Wellington boot has seen a chic re-design this season where it’s now normal to buy wedged and stiletto wellies!

Wellies have entered a new generation where you find styles of all kinds and colours that you can actually style and look good in, wear these styles with pattern tights and long socks for a look that is fashion forward and cool!

The Shoulder Bag

One of the most practical styles of bags for a rainy day has got to be a cross body bag of some form, it's bag style pick that every fashionista should own. On a miserable wet day a side bag can just make life all that easier, where you have great accessibility with a piece like this, as after all you will need a hand free to potentially carry an umbrella and all.

This season is all about mini-bag styles, circle shapes, duffel bags and the python print. Bags are one of the most effortless ways to tap into this season’s trend while still being able to be true to personal style.

2. Very
3. Nelly


A strong sturdy umbrella has got to be one of man’s greatest inventions when it comes to being shielded from the rain!

Unlike other clothing accessories you don’t physically have to wear it, which means for those us that want to go all out with bold wacky designs, you won’t be judged!

It’s often wise to go for styles that are practical for your lifestyle and wardrobe opting for styles that are classic and timeless, but more often than not you just end up losing or breaking an umbrella which for me is a great justification to go for styles that are cheaper in statement stylish designs.

2. Mango
3. Asos

There you have it, rain defence style picks for those showery days which almost make me like the rain!

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