After too long off the menswear radar Sandals are now back as a major player particularly for gentleman looking to create a fashion forward look perfect for summer.  With the stigma attached to men's sandals now subsiding it’s time to ditch the flip flops in favour of a more structured and cultured look ready to take you from beach to bar.

As with any piece of footwear your choice can make all the difference when you come to rounding off an outfit so making the right one is paramount.  Even if you have made up your mind to invest in a pair of high quality sandals your choice isn't complete just yet, exactly what style you opt for is almost as important and so we have decided to focus on the two  key styles.

First and foremost, go leather.  Note this guide isn't looking at sliders or more sports inspired footwear instead we want to look at more traditional sandals and with a number of designers going down the route of plastic and rubberized aesthetics we think to be sure with your look pure leather is the way to go. The choice than becomes weather to choose between gladiator and two strap/criss cross looks which both offer something slightly different and equally top off an outfit nicely for a number of occasions.

Gladiator Sandals

The look of gladiator sandals is pretty self-explanatory, taking inspiration from the historic use of this type of footwear gladiator sandals have very much a continental feel, making them perfect beach attire when paired with a smart pair of tailored shorts or swimwear.

There are a number of variations now available on the gladiator theme, some taking the look the whole way incorporating an ankle strap and longer laces while some designs have gone with a more minimal approach becoming an almost ‘airy’ shoe with ribbed design. How you choose between the two may be down to personal style, whether you are looking for a complete alternative to your shoe wardrobe or a warm weather extension.

All we know is the choice is not a bad decision to have, allowing you to choose between stable footwear which still offer you the flexibility of summer attire as well as being suitable for  a number of occasions whether you are heading to the beach or hosting a  family gathering. 

Two Strap / Criss Cross

Although not entirely too different from gladiator sandals, two strap or criss cross designs offer a new look making them suitable for slightly different outfit combinations. Not to say double strapped sandals aren't just as suitable for the beach but their minimal and clean look makes means they can just as easily be partnered with a more formal or tailored look ready for a pool party and not just the pool side.

Easy to pair with a pair of chino’s or jeans the look is also perfect for when the temperature drops slightly but still allows you keep up your summer style through the night as well. Going one step further you could even team sandals up with a more structured look, pairing with trousers and shirt or take full advantage of the on trend look of smart shorts and blazer, showing off your summer tan in style. 

There is no reason for men not to invest in a pair of sandals this season. A more stylish way than flip flops to round off any summer outfit while offering the same comfort and fresh approach is just one of the main reasons we expect sandals to be a major winner this summer.


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