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Girlfriend jeans are the latest piece to join the denim cut family. The last few seasons have been all about focusing on its other half the Boyfriend Jean.

It’s hard to ascertain a girlfriend cut of jean when you see one they can easily be mistaken for a mom cut style of jeans. From doing a little research on the wardrobe basic it would seem that the girlfriend jean has a completely different cut compared to your regular jeans and one of which is meant to fit the female body.

You can also tell a girlfriend jean because it’s slightly oversized but not to the extent that it’s really baggy like your boyfriend jean they are of a much slimmer fit. Another way to tell a girlfriend jean is by looking at the waist, this style is fairly high wasted anyway but the girlfriend jean sits just below the waist. 

Girlfriend jeans are a real hero piece because they are a versatile wardrobe basic that you can work so many different looks out of.  This style of pants looks particularly good when you juxtapose the jeans with feminine dressy pieces like a silk crop top and strappy lace up shoes. The girlfriend jean is practical little number that you can almost chuck on anything with it and look effortlessly half decent while keeping you feeling ultra-comfy.  On the down side, girlfriend jeans may not suit all figures as they have a very distinctive cut that cut that compliments svelte figures the best.

The girlfriend jean is new in the fashion stratosphere and not many retailers are actually selling them. Nether the less I have hunted down the top three high street styles of the season.


This black girlfriend style is a great alternative style pick to work into your wardrobe this season. This wash would look super cool with textured slips on a basic white boyfriend tee. If your lacking inspiration on how to rock this style, don't worry because Topshop show you how you can style girlfriend jeans in five different ways.

Two-River Island-£40

This style has a light wash to lend to the worn style aesthetic which is emphasized further with rips in the denim. These girlfriends will make up a cool weekday look teamed with chunky ankle platforms and silk cami top.


Straight legged and in a traditional mid denim wash these girlfriend jeans is the most simplest of designs that you can go for this season. Work these pant with other hot key trends of the season like your leopard print or pool sliders for an enviable fashion forward look.

Will you be ditching your boyfriend jeans for your girlfriend style pick alternative?

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