Menswear Style Series: Backpacks

The popularity of men’s backpacks has continued to grow at an astonishing rate over the last 18 months or so and the trend shows no sign of slowing up. What most people have found surprising is not only the resurgence of  backpacks but how they have flourished within menswear style circles and not only as a high street trend. Backpacks have remained a strong presence on men’s runways throughout this year with a number of designers including them as a firm fashion accessory pointed to on going success for the understated style piece. 

As with any accessory differing looks are important when it comes to finding the perfect match weather you are on your commute or on your holidays so finding the right backpack is hugely important to help you top off particular outfits so we've pulled together some of our favourite looking bags and arranged them by certain social situations making sure you can look smart lugging your belongings around wherever you’re off to.

The Office Carrier

Travelling around London at rush hour and you will encounter an abundance of well-dressed young professionals heading to and from the office kitted out and including with them a backpack.  It is almost a prerequisite of the modern professional, brief cases are long gone and holdalls giving off the wrong vibe, a backpack is the perfect companion to chuck your laptop, notepad and latest read in and quickly hop on the tube whether heading home or heading across town to the next meeting. Sturdy yet minimalist is the name of the game here, sometimes half full with only laptop on hand but at others easily packed to the brim this backpack needs to ready for anything whilst remaining stylish on your commute.

The Airport Flyer

Although the holdall might be the go to bag of choice for those heading off for a short trip away the backpack can be an excellent alternative if you want to embrace your inner minimalist and really travel light. Holding enough space for a few changes in clothing a backpack could make the ultimate travel companion especially coming complete with enough inner storage to avoid you having any last minute passport panics. If you do decide to travel with a backpack instead of any large luggage you have a huge amount of choice to ensure you can choose the right backpack to take along for the ride, although you still want the space and convenience of back storage you don’t want anything too big while the style should also be something slightly more rounded and less formal than the bag you use to and from the office during the week.

The Weekend Walkabout

Now to the show piece, having completed your working week and the weekend has finally arrived you still need somewhere to keep your belongings (face it who wants crowded pockets). Plus with the plans you've made whether if it is off round a friends for a drink and catch up or lunching in the park taking a backpack with you gives off that all important air that your someone with places to be and people to see which of course you are! For your time off you need something that lets people know exactly that, that you’re out of the office with a sense of adventure while remaining stylishly cool at the same time and for that we've got your back...


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