The Must Have Autumn/Winter 15 Fabric: Suede

September is slowly approaching and with that brings, falling leaves, declining temperatures but most importantly changes to your wardrobe! We all love re-vamping our wardrobes every season, it’s always fun to re-discover what we haven’t worn in the past 6 months so it’s time to start preparing for next season and we suggest focusing on the hottest fabric for autumn/winter 15 – Suede!

First you need to establish if you’re going to invest in real suede or faux suede? Faux suede is made entirely of synthetic polyester, it’s a lot less expensive and is generally a lot easier to clean and maintain. Real suede is genuine leather made from the undersides of animal skins, it’s not water resistant & is incredibly difficult to maintain. Furthermore natural suede tends to age quicker with cracks and discolouration being prominent issues.

Suede A-line Skirts
No matter where you look, you cannot miss the A-line skirt trend. This is no doubt one of the biggest trends for autumn/winter 15. Every high street shop has released their own versions as well as designer brands creating their own interpretations of this trend. One of the most highly sought after collections this season is Alexa Chung for AG jeans with a variety of A-line skirts designed by the young trend setter including denim and suede skirts. Grab yourself a skirt from the Alexa Chung collection here or an affordable high-street version here.

Alexa Chung for AG Jeans A/W 15 Campaign

Suede Dresses
The 70’s trend is back in full force with the return of the all suede dress. Personally we suggest opting for a faux suede option if you want to try out this trend. The hassle of keeping any dress clean is difficult let alone a suede dress so it will save you a weekly trip to your local dry-cleaners. We’re loving the camel coloured versions of these dresses, add a skinny belt and a pair of ankle booties and you’re good to go.

Variety of suede dresses available on ASOS

Suede Boots

Boots are a no brainer during the autumn/winter season, whether it’s ankle boots, knee-high boots or combat boots, they’re an essential pair of footwear in every woman’s wardrobe. However it’s the suede boot that has taken the spotlight this season. Once again suede boots can be found at any high-street store or at your favourite designer boutique. Some of our favourites for the season are the Isabel Marant Dicker boots, the Saint Laurent Paris boots or this Topshop version. 

Selection of suede Isabel Marant Dicker boots to welcome the Autumn


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