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Why is it you see something you like and you have your heart set on buying it, and then everybody who is anybody as that very same thing? And yet again this has happened to me with the infamous Céline Handbags, which I remember also happened to me with Ugg boots, it almost put me off ever buying a pair with all the fake knock offs that bend down at the back giving the shoes a bad rep. However I can’t be turned off by the chic sophistication of Celine’s garment and accessory line, the brand oozes a stylish quality that demands the attention of a sight worth be holding.

Céline is a French luxury house which was founded in 1945, the brand is now owned by LVMH. Celine originally launched as a made to measure children’s shoe business. The ready to wear line did not debut until 1960, which has grown into the chic sophisticated brand it is today.

I have to say that I am a bit of a handbag snob. Not because I want to be one of those girls that poise an 'it bag' on their lower arm but for the mere fact that I’m a real fashionista that likes to keep my style fresh and unique, and the last thing I want to see is someone even rocking the same pair of socks as me. Designer bags are always made with the upmost care and precision when it comes to the craftsmanship of each piece. The designs of designer bags are always impeccable oozing with the maximum quality. Granted these bags will set you back two thousand pounds a pop but these bags are timeless, classic pieces that you can team with multiple looks season after season. I really don’t mind investing in designer handbag like a Céline because it’s a real investment, and I tend to buy a designer bag every two years, which seems reasonable to me because let’s face it we can’t all buy designer handbags like water, and be like Tamara Ecclestone with Birkin Bags lined off in cabinets in wardrobes. Besides designer bags last far longer that your high street counterpart, that designer piece could be even be worth money as a vintage in years to come, that’s if you look after it. I also like the fact that Céline is not even sold on the internet let alone in sale’s at the end of the season. There is nothing worse than paying full price for a piece and the next thing you know; two months later it’s reduced by 75%!

The last bag I brought was from Louis Vuitton which is a brand just as prestigious but more commercialised compared to Céline. Like Céline, Louis Vuitton is one of the most copied bags of all time, which quite frankly disgusts and frustrates me. I guess I share the same kind of feeling as Tom Ford feels about Zara and the way that they re-interpret their high-end designer collections.

Of recent years the Céline has become much more commercialised with the likes of A- list celebrities finding the Céline bag as there next Best friend. The Kardashian’s are especially in tune with the brand, so much so the two younger sisters of the family Kendal and Kylie got bags from the brand gifted. Like how lucky?

With Christmas around the corner, I’m hoping all my good deeds and handwork will land me a Céline bag from Santa. Yes, you may call it wishful thinking but neither the less I’ve listed my top 10 styles I wouldn’t mind unwrapping this Christmas!











Which one would you like to have this Christmas?


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