MNO.logie is one of those brands that you spy all over tumblr. As well as being really cool, their perspex clutches just happen to look amazing in photographs.

The brand started as a simple DIY project: Nike Adinata came up with the original clutch design as an accessory for herself, but quickly demand escalated until she developed her own brand to meet it.The signature style has stayed the same, but been reinterpreted with fresh twists and new details. Each design is still based on the original perspex box, but the inner pouch now comes in a myriad of different colours, with new slogans, chains and clasps to choose from.

Every bag is meticulously hand made, so has that one-of-a-kind feel, especially as you can have them engraved with your own name:


This (above) is my personal favourite - I love the limited edition mint green pouch that rests inside. But there are loads of equally covetable options if you're not so keen on that particular colour: channel Brian Lichtenberg with one that says Celine Me Alone or Ain't Laurent Without Yves, get a larger name plate on the side rather than the top, or go for some beaded detailing on the pouch. You can even buy extra pouches if you want to switch them around inside the perspex case, making it more like two or three clutches in one purchase.

As far as I know, MNO.logie is only available to shop online, which can be frustrating if you prefer to make a decision after seeing a piece in person and getting a feel for it yourself, but luckily Nike's website is full of beautiful photography. She manages to show the bags as they'd be styled in real life, rather than sticking to standard product shots, so it's easier to imagine how they'd look with your outfits in real life.

It's one of my personal new year resolutions to add one of Nike's clutches to my collection. I think they make a simple, powerful statement that I won't get bored of, and will see me through the year in an exceptionally stylish way. Which one is your favourite?

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