The Hero Piece: Top Handle Handbags

Fashion week is literally around the corner, I have to admit I’m in a state of panic because it feels like that there are not enough hours in the days for me to start my major wardrobe planning.

One essential that I must invest in this season is a new handbag, and it has got to be designer. I know it can be very expensive but I tend to buy an expensive bag every other year. By making bag purchases like this I can get a great cost per wear out of it as well as actually sticking to a budget for all my fashion buys, or else what you can end up spending on fashion can just ends up ridiculous.  No matter how much disposable income one has, I really don't think its cool to spend thousands on a bag every season especially when children are dying in the world from starvation, being too materialistic is never good!

I’m all about quality and that quality can never be found in high street styles so investing in a designer handbag is really the only option. There are bucket loads of styles to choose from, but this season the top handle handbags is the style that has struck a chord with me. So, I've officially decided that the top handle bag will be the ultimate investment style pick for the season in which I plan debut at S/S15 shows too.

The top handle handbag is a feminine style that will instantly elevate a look to a chic and sophisticated disposition. I also think that this style of bag is just fabulous because it's a number that you can team with a varied styles of looks where you could pair the piece with your downtown sports luxe look to a sartorial inspired minimalist look.

In celebration of a bag style that I’m truly in love with and destined to invest in this season. I’ve highlighted my top 5 edit of the most stylish black top handle bags which are versatile enough to team with anything and wear season after season.

1. Celine- Celine Store

2. Phillip Lim-Farfetch

3. Desa Ninteenseventytwo- Lusivaviaroma

4. Stella

5. Nancy

Which is your fave? 


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