To Invest or not to Invest: Wedged Sneakers

I’ve been looking for a pair of stylish shoes to add needlessly to the collection, one style I’m yet to invest in are a pair of wedge sneakers.
I have to admit I wasn’t a fan of the wedged trainer at first, but it’s a style that has progressively grown on me over the passing seasons. I’m a bit dubious as to whether this sneaker trend is her to stay, but neither the less I have to admit that I'm officially now a high wedge sneaker convert and I can’t get enough of all the styles in stores. What I love about the wedged sneaker the most is the fact that they are so versatile; you can wear them with the majority of your wardrobe basics, they are the perfect off duty shoe, dress them down with a boyfriend tee and bomber or dress them up with your most eloquent sartorial looks for the office.
The sneaker over the years has been adopted as a point for re-design by trainer giants like Nike and Adidas as you would imagine, but the most innovative of sneaker designs originates from fashion designer Isabel Marant. The French fashion designer developed the function and wear-ability of a trainer into a new direction, in which doing so she has been the catalyst for a whole new generation of footwear being born.
Marant’s designs have opened up a million dollar market where her wedged sneaker style has been adopted by designer and high street labels, to Marant’s dismay she commented on this notion saying that “Everybody who has the wrong ones look quite bitchy, very vulgar, when mine are not at all.” 
Marant may be just a little frustrated by the copy cats to say the least, but neither the less, you have to give credit where credit is due, some designers and high street chains have also done an amazing job in developing the wedge trainer into what could be argued as even more extravagant and avant-garde compared to the styles in Marant’s collection.

Here’s my top 5 wedged sneaker design...
1. Bank-Puma


3. Marant

4. Ash

5. Elephant

Which style do you like the most?


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