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Fur is back! But this time it’s all about the faux fur kind. Love it or loath it, the morality of wearing real fur has been hot topic of debate for a few years now.

Celebrities like Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian have all faced the backlash of wearing animal skins and furs, rocking everything from python, rabbit, fox, and chinchilla’s and even hamster fur. If your philosophies in life are not that of a vegan or vegetarian, wearing fur seems no worse than eaten a venison burger.

The fur debate is a controversial subject. On the one hand you have the cruelty notion with the taboo of wearing fur surrounded by the way in which animals are treated and killed in order to source their fur. The fashion industry can be regarded as accountable for the fur farming boom which has seen many animals kept in cramped squalor conditions leaving them in psychical and emotional distress.

While many animals are bred for their fur, many are caught in traps. The traps are extremely vicious, where the animals are often not found for days, animals that do escape have bitten of their own limbs in desperation of escaping but then end up dying quickly after from the loss of blood, fever or eaten predators. It gets worse. The actual killing methods are horrific, the animals face a doomed death of either being poisoned or electrocuted in the anus.

Angola fur has been a preferred source of fur of recent, the Daily Mail online revealed the shocking way in which Angola fur is really sourced, the fur is yanked out by hand then the Rabbits are left to bleed in their cage, this barbaric action is repeated every three to five months.

With this in mind, you could argue that unless you live in the Antarctic wearing real fur can never be right. But on the other hand fur in fashion is an art spectacle for many as stylish pieces ooze instant and effortless glamour and sophistication for the wearer. Other real fur options can be found in Vintage style’s which is the better option to consider compared to a purchase of new fur coat buy as the profits of vintage styles don’t directly contribute to the profits of new fur farms.

This season has been all about exotic furs and colous, with many styles in a disco meets a grunge style aesthetic. Marc Jacobs, Helmut Lang all paved the way for faux fur fashions while Altuzarra, Custo Barcelona and Libertine pieces are all just as visually captivating, looking just as great as though they were the real McCoy.

Altuzarra, Custo Barcelona, Libertine 

Check out my top 10 faux fur style picks of this season!

One: My Wardrobe- £442.00

Two: Farfetch-£416.17

Three: Atterley-£146.00

Four: The Outnet-£108

Five: Dorothy Perkins-£69.00

Six: The Outnet-£110

Seven: Very-£79.00

Eight: Whistles- £275.00

Nine: Choies- £34.00

Ten: Chicnova-£33.00

Will any of these faux styles be making there way into your wardrobe?

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