The Small Bag take Over

Forget your oversized folded clutch, as well as your all your shoppers and totes, it’s all about the baby bag boom!

This season has seen a miniscule twist when it comes to the bag style to be rocking this season. Little bags are the latest ‘It’ bags to take the world by storm. Autumn winter has presented a fine array of ickle bags for which many designers have coincided the new bag shape with food fashion inspirations which have included the likes of Anya Hindmarsh and her crisp bag, Moschino fires and drinks bags to Chanel and their milk bags. Fendi however tapped into the trend by transformed their existing range of bag styles into micro versions, which alone has totally made this trend worth being born.

For those of us addicted to carrying around everything including the kitchen sink this will be a somewhat hard transition to make because I’m convinced my purse is even larger than these micro pieces! The small bag is not a clutch or a purse with a strap, I’m talking your traditional shapes in XXXS versions! Although these styles look as though they’ve done a shrinking trick similar to that of putting a crisp packet in the over, these mini pieces are the statement makers.

Celebrity style icons can’t get enough of them either, Rhianna the fashionista who is the gold standard for all things cool and Alexa Chung the darling of British style are all over the shrunken bags. 

The miniature bag is for sure the must have piece for the season, not just because it will enhance any outfit you pair it with, but because they also have the ability to help  you to evolve personal style by taking your looks into new depths that are elegantly chic with great versatility. The itsy-bitsy bags can be appropriately worn with looks that are sartorial inspired to off duty casual looks .

I know I’ll be rejuvenating my wardrobe and looks this season and investing in the mini bag seems like the most effortless way to go. The ten reasons below should be enough to make you want to whip out the card and splurge, while pondering on how you ever lived without on of these cute little treats in your life before.

One: Givenchy-

Two: Saint

Three: Michael

Five: Givenchy-

Seven: Louis Vuitton-

Eight: Sophie

Ten: Tory Birch-

Which style of bag would you most like to have?

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