Menswear Style Series: Denim

Denim is the ultimate wardrobe staple, no matter the season or passing trends of menswear the one constant that remains is that you can anchor any look for almost any occasion with a solid denim base. Although the resurgence of denim jackets has meant ‘double denim’ looks are once again flooding the high street in the last 18 months or so our latest guide in our menswear series will predominately look at the ultimate men’s hero piece: Jeans.

First and foremost when it comes to picking out a new pair of jeans, before deciding on the cut or choosing which brand, the choice you have to make is on the style and fit. This is the biggest factor when it comes to choosing a pair of jeans that both fits your personal style and the outfit combinations you are looking to put together. However with almost every high street store and designer having their own take on the fit of a pair of jeans or their own ‘nicknames’ for each style what should be an almost straight forward purchase can sometimes be complicated a little by unnecessary decisions. We want to simplify this choice as much as possible, some guides offer a thorough explanation on the ‘top 20 fits of jeans’ which can be more of a hindrance then a help so instead we want to streamline the process as much as possible by focusing on the more well-known styles but offering advice on how to slot them into your wardrobe and what to match them with to complete outfits for everyday and more stylish occasions.

Slim/Skinny Fit

The image skinny jeans most probably immediately conjures in your mind is a high heeled strutting Russel Brand or a just about still relevant indie band (not that there is anything wrong with either) but the idea that skinny jeans are no long a striking choice for fashion forward young gentleman, is in our opinion, wrong.  When chosen correctly, a nice fitting pair of slim jeans can be excellently matched with smart trainers or more formally with a slightly smarter choice of footwear. The trend of jeans attempting to become as skinny as possible without cutting off blood flow to your feet has definitely passed but a comfortable fit while remaining closely tailored to your leg is a timeless look that can be worn throughout the year.  


Again a style of jeans that may raise certain images in your mind about the sort of looks a pair of ripped jeans create but we definitely don’t box people in by the their choice of clothes. Ripped jeans have been worn recently by stylish thinkers including Kanye West and David Beckham and can be teamed perfectly with a smart shirt and oxford shoes to create a nice dynamic of smart/casual or easily dressed down with beaten up trainers and a plain white t-shirt. 


Now for something slightly different, coloured jeans are a gamble we think could definitely help take your outfit to the next level. Admittedly, as already mentioned some may see coloured jeans as a risk but the summer is the perfect time of year to add new pieces to your wardrobe and if you want to dip your toes before diving in to the trend a solid pair of white denim jeans can make for a great wardrobe addition for those long summer nights. If you are feeling a little more adventurous why not add some striking colour with a red or yellow pair that can be the foundation for which you build your outfit around, maybe complementing them with a toned down t-shirt or matching coloured trainers for the full effect.


A look that has had a resurgence in recent years, denim shirts and jackets can add a smart but not overdressed look to an outfit almost defining ‘effortlessly cool’. You may want to have your own go at the double denim look otherwise a denim shirt or jacket can be easily matched with chinos or tailored shorts as the perfect summer time look for when it gets slightly colder in the evenings. 


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