Celebrity Designer: Lucy Mecklenburgh

The rise of celebrity designers has been prolific in recent years.  Today we see a wide range of celebrities from all spectrums of the hierarchy embarking on their passion for fashion, whom subsequently can and have made substantial amounts of money from doing so. The likes of Lilly Allen who brought out her fashion label with her sister “Disguise” and the Kardashians with their “DASH” collection are all prime examples of celebrities who have all turned their hands into fashion making without or little training from fashion school.

One of the most successful fashion lines to come out of the celebrity sphere is Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen. The twins, who started an early acting career at six years old on the American hit series sitcom “Full House”, quickly took the world by a storm securing a spot in the ranks of the wealthiest women in the entertainment industry. The affluent young ladies bo-ho chic way of dressing lead them to be known nothing short of an style icon, which is synonymous with them bringing out their own designer labels. In 2004 the initial Olsen label was born it is for children aged four to fourteen, and retails in American stores Wal-Mart.  The Olsen Twins then went on to bring out a couture range called “The Row” which has been even more successful retailing at high-end boutiques and stores across the world.

Lucy Mecklenburgh is also from the entertainment world; the attractive young lady burst onto our TV screens with Bafta award wining reality show “The Only Way is Essex”. Lucy had an eye for fashion but was unable to complete fashion college due to the fact she had aspirations to embarked on a career as a model, where at the tender age of eighteen she established herself as a face model for one of London’s top brands.

Although Lucy Mecklenburgh may be considered as a D list celebrity compared to her competition counter part the Olsen twins, Lucy’s sense of fashion design in garments construction and accessories are surprisingly just as tasteful and exquisite. With a range that is contemporary and chic, Lucy’s online boutique carries a small range of pieces that includes everyday clothing, prom dresses to bags, footwear and even beachwear.

What particularly stands out in Lucy’s online boutique is her accessories collection, the pieces carry good design and craftsmanship .The collection is innovative and explores the different fashion design disciples you would expect to see from a designer’s work. 

Accessorising is an important component to a fashionista’s style aesthetic because accessories can do all the wonders when it comes to enhancing the most boring of looks. Accessories are just 'the dream' because they can stand alone as that statement piece as well as arming you with assets to help you create varied new looks.

It’s often frustrating seeing the same pieces over again on the high street, so when stumbling across Lucy’s range it was a breathe of fresh air. This find was even more exciting because it is decent fashion without being overly priced. In a style round up of accessories from this glamorous boutique, we have picked out the three best accessories. These treats are worth the investment and will definitely help you to spruce up either your sartorial or off duty wardrobe.

1.     Curved Wedge

Shoes are a staple requirement for achieving a stylish look as they can make up the statement key piece to your look as well as finishing off a style that is chic and dynamic. These Chinese laundry gold curved wedges with a nude patent straps are a fashionista’s must have, so spectacular they could easily be perceived as high-end designer beauts from Giuseppe Zanotti.

2.     White Tote Bag

This bag is simple and elegant in all white. This bag would make the perfect day time shopper or travel bag. It is often hard to find a white bag with an impeccable stylish design, so this one from Lucy’s boutique is perfect with it's cute design feature of a little tassel. This versatile little number can easily be teamed with most items in your wardrobe or it would be perfect in completing this seasons an all white trend look!

3.     Large Bow Iphone case

Technology is predominant aspect of our modern day society and one technology item we almost all hold dearly as our clothes is our phone. This phone cover is a great way to accessories your look giving your style depth and attitude as well as it having a practical function of protecting your phone. The design sees large crystals adorned all over the silver case with a huge bow saturated in diamond like crystals also. This is the perfect way to add glitz and sparkle to your look with out actually wearing it. The fact the diamante crystal stones are clear means that it won’t clash with any colours in your outfit.

Celebrity designer fashion at it finest, what celeb style or fashion label can you just not get enough of?


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