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One accessory I almost always forget I can put on more frequent than I do is tights; they are one of the most basic essentials every girl should have in their chest of draws. The possibilities of tights are endless because you can style them up or down, or team them with almost anything in your wardrobe. The same can be said for shoes and boots, throwing a pair of tights into the equation and you really will have a match made in heaven.

Tights designs in recent years have become extremely popular where we see more lavish and intricate designs hitting stores in perpetuity. The beauty of tights and why they are a fashionista’s dream is because they can stand alone as that statement piece or be pulled together to formulate and enhance an ace stylish look. Apart from tights having the obvious function of keeping the legs warm, tights can dramatically improve your style aesthetic from your everyday downtown look to developing an impeccable sartorial style, which all adds in giving you a persona that is much sharper and clean cut.

I don’t know about you but I always seem to get it wrong at some point or another when trying to dress in between seasons, struggling to find what to wear can be such a nightmare. But thanks to the invention of tights and pretty tights at that, tights are the ultimate and essential transitional piece to take you effortlessly from summer through to winter.

The fact that tights are versatile is what makes them so good you can team them with all kinds of pieces be it dresses, shorts or skirts. And for the modest dresser tights allow you to cover up without making you look too drowned or swamped in clothes, but at the same time revealing subtle feminine accents of the female body.

As autumn winter months draw near it’s perfectly fitting that I should discover a talented designer whom specialises in tights called Gal Stern.

Gal Stern is an ecaletic textile designer who has arisen from the booming fashion scene in Israeli. The talented designer graduated from the prestigious Shenkar College of design. Gal Stern’s time at college meant that she was able to refine and develop her skills as a printed textile designer. Compelled by her passion for printing Stern made a bold move and embarked on her own fashion journey to establish her own label where she could dedicate all of her time to designing new concepts.

Gal’s collection is the epiphany of Avant guard crafted with the utmost precise craftsmanship. All of the tights produced by Stern are hand printed and produced using special innovative printing techniques. Stern has six collections readily available on her online store with all of the ranges carrying a unique identity.

Her latest collection is entitled ‘Flash Back’ it is an electric collection of black and nude tights adorned with unconventional printed colouring in dynamic patterns and shapes.

The average price for a pair of these tights retails at around thirty five pounds, which is rather reasonable considering the fact that these tights are handmade by the exquisite designer and made with quality materials. 


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