The Top 5 Fitness Sites for Women

Christmas is over, New Years has come and gone and it is no longer legitimate to eat Celebrations for breakfast. It is no longer acceptable to eat six to seven large meals a day and no; lifting the remote to change the channel between Home Alone 2 and Elf did not count as exercise.

If like us you’ve had an all-round smasher of a Christmas break then you might now be suffering the consequences. We’ve come to accept that a couple of extra pounds in January are worth it for the month of full on month of gluttony and hedonism that was December.

But now it’s time to face the music. We can’t stuff our faces with mince pies forever (you literally can’t – they don’t sell them after January). We’ve got to get back into the swing of things and get ready for this summer’s bikini body!

Although the thought of getting in a two piece might terrify the living daylights out of you right now, like most things it’s better to tackle these this sooner rather than later. After all; everyone feels happier and healthier when they’re feeling physically and mentally on point.

So we’ve rounded up five of our favourite healthy living websites to help inspire and motivate you to get back into shape. Don’t expect any fat-shaming or silly diet fads, these websites are run and designed for intelligent women and will hopefully have you raring to hit the gym in no time.

One: Refinery29 (

The first site on our list isn’t exclusively about fitness but we had to include it because it’s so much fun.  Refinery29 has a seven different content categories including a Wellness and a Living section that include interesting articles that include ’10 Day Wellness Challenge’ and advice on how to get back to the gym. This website isn’t aimed at work out fanatics so the goals and tips are really interesting and take into consideration your general wellbeing as well. Just all round good advice without being patronising or unrealistic. 

 Two: Operation Beautiful (

Operation Beautiful is a breath of fresh air in a world where Cosmopolitan magazine thinks it’s appropriate to body-shame women of different weights. If you’re tired of being called ‘pear-shape’ or ‘apple-shaped’ then don’t put up with it any more – you’re a lady not an exotic fruit. Operation Beautiful aims to highlight womens natural beauty and spur them along with positive encouragement! We love it!

Three: Girls Gone Strong (

Girls gone strong are for bad ass girls who want to…well get strong! Their tag-line is ‘Thou shalt not require assistance moving furniture’ and we couldn’t agree more!  The GGS mission is to educate and inspire women with free workouts as well as nutrition and lifestyle information. So if you’re looking for a community of kick ass women who are passionate about keeping fit then this is the site for you!

Four:  Fit Day (

Fit day is a fantastic free online weight loss and diet journal. You can get apps for this but Fit Day includes super useful graphs and pie charts to help you track where all of your calories are being spent. You can give yourself a goal and track your progress. Great app for really seeing how much those crisps and chocolate bars really cost you each month! 

Five: Bliss Tree (

Bliss tree is another fantastic website with tops, workouts and yummy food recipes. But don’t expect and Goop style piousness Bliss Tree is wickedly funny and aimed at real girls which make the whole idea of getting into shape so much more fun. Has everything from embarrassing sex moments to ‘Health lessons from the Girls on Girls’. 


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