Sale Picks!

Shopping the sales is potentially one of the most exciting past times for any fashion lover. There is some weird thrill that comes with leaving the house knowing that you’ll be sure to return laden with bags full of bargains.

The best way to get the most out of shopping the sales is to do your homework, was there an item that you absolutely loved last season but just couldn’t afford? Make sure to check online to see if any of those sought after items have been put into the sale.

Checking out the sales online first will also help to avoid any rash purchasing. Everyone does it, gets swept away in the moment of sale frenzy and picks up a couple of items that are destined to sit in your wardrobe all year, unworn.

Don’t waste money on these items, there is probably a reason why they are £6 and it’s not because they are wardrobe staples. Remember these hard and fast rules for sale shopping;

·       Will I wear it?
·       Does it go with anything in my wardrobe?
·       Would I buy it at full price?

Hopefully these little questions will help to make the most and re-stock your wardrobe ready for the taking on the New Year in style!

One: Topshop Camo Jacquard Shirt – Was £45 now £15 -

Two: Topshop Silver Sequin Pencil Skirt – Was £95 now £30 -

Three: Topshop Limited Edition Poppy Bomber Jacket – Was £150 now £40 -

Four: Zara Checked Coat – Was £149 Now £99.99 -

Five: Sparkle & Fade Longline Duster Coat in Blue – Was £145 now £70 -

Six: Canter High Jodhpur boot – Was £119 now £90 -


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