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I’m a huge fan of fan of jewellery to the extent I’ve got various piercings including that of a Demerol piercing that I got in my arm.

Jewellery is an accessory that almost every girl has a piece of. It’s the most versatile accessory that can make your look pop.  It’s available in so many forms from earrings big to small and dangly. Earrings can really help set frame the face and channel a particular trend of the season.

Then there are rings available in an array of styles, stones and metals there is truly something out there for everyone. One particular trend I’ve particularly enjoyed rocking this season is the stacked look. The look is super cool and I love all of the compositions you can make up with regular and midi ring styles.

Statement necklaces have been another huge trend of passing seasons where we have seen chunky gold chains and beautiful diamond designed clustered chokers. This piece was great for defining a fashion forward sartorial look teamed with a white button down and a sweater. This piece was also great for creating glamorous looks for special occasions.

As much as I feel great rocking chunky gold cuff bracelet from, there is jewellery and there is fine jewellery. There has been somewhat of a debate as to what quantifies as fine jewellery. However I have come to denote fine jewellery as pieces that are either antique or contemporary and have been made by hand only. Fine jewellery pieces are typically curated with fine materials and a artistic design aesthetic.

As beautiful and lustful fine jewellery is, its a fact that the pieces are very expensive and not in the price range of an average person.  I would love to own a classic piece that I could hold sacred in my jewellery box and pass onto my grandchildren (not that I've got any children yet). 

With so many and very expensive styles out there I have picked out the Top 5 most stylish and affordable pieces….

One: Moxham

Two: Mania

Three: Matchstick

Four: Delfina

Five: Maria

What bit of costume jewellery would you like to dash and replace with one of my Top 5 fine jewellery pieces?

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