Giorgio Armani Handbags A/W 13

One designer who has been around for a while now and I just can’t get enough of is Giorgio Armani.  There are not many designers out there that have a collection and I actually want every single piece from. Giorgio Armani bags are just divine they are the epitome of an ‘it bag’. They have bag styles from shoppers to totes and even clutch’s too, Giorgio Armani bags are officially my new found love.

Giorgio Armani is an Italian fashion designer that has built himself a billion pound empire of luxury goods. Armani established his name as a menswear designer and later branched out into designing womenswear. Armani’s business partnerships initiated from the 1980’s where he teamed up with cosmetic giant’s l'Oreal and brought out perfume scents. Armani has since then stretched his empire to it's full capacity, bringing supplementary fashion lines G.A Collezioni, Armani Swimwear and Underwear, Armani accessories and even Armani junior.

With an estimated net worth of 8.5 billion, where did it all begin for Giorgio Armani? Surprisingly Armani had a short stint in the armed forces before landing a job as a window dresser. Armani’s first proper role was at Nino Cerruti where he was a designer for menswear.

In gaining an astute set of skills and connections within the fashion industry, Armani was in demand. He freelanced for top designers like Allergi, Hilton and Sicons. At this time during the 1960’s Armani met Sergio Galettoi. The pair built a strong lasting relationship, it was Gellottoi who in fact persuaded him to open his own design office, ultimately leading the pair to work on joint collaborations.

Armani's talent did not go unnoticed whilst he was working as a freelancer designer, his efforts were soon picked up by the media from shows which invoked the designer to aspire for more. Giorgio Armani wanted to make a name for himself and branched out on his own so that he could show his own style in his own way. 

By 1975 Giorgio Armani presented a menswear and womenswear collection. The brand was received extremely well and Giorgio Armani shortly became one of fashions most sought after designers.

In celebration of a leading international label, we have listed the top 10 Bags of the season!
  1. Plexiglas Handles
  2. Monochrome Frame
  3. Charniere Dorree
  4. Medium Leather Bag
  5. Beaded Satin Clutch
  6. Velvet Clutch with Rhinestones
  7. Printed Pony Skin Business Bag
  8. Shopping Bag
  9. Shopper
  10. Tote Bag

Which one do you fancy? 


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