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We’re almost a month away from Christmas with only two paydays left. So, I’d say now is a better time than ever to start thinking about the Christmas shop.  I just can’t wait! I don’t know what I’m more excited for, time off work or the Christmas diner, which the Nanna does a splendid job of every year I have to say!

What makes Christmas really special is all the extra effort that goes into making the festive season feel more special than any other time of year, with the likes of John Lewis and there Disney televised advert and Christmas trees being decorated at Claridges by Fashion Designers Dolce and Gabanna.

What also makes this time of year so special is all the finishing touches, all the lights on the high streets walks to people pulling out all the stops to decorate their homes with a lavish display of lights. The reefs on the front door to decorating your walls with the tinsel and Christmas cards, all helps in making this season feel like no other time of the year.

One of my favourite Christmas traditions is having a stocking, now I’m little old to be hanging it out on the fire place, leaving milk and a mince pie for Santa along with a carrots for Rudolf and the rest of the reindeers. But still after all these years there is something so poignantly enchanting about waking up on Christmas morning and immediately undoing the Christmas stocking.

For years now my bubble has been burst somewhat because I always end up getting knick knacks that I just don’t want and totally forget about by Boxing Day. I’m not ungrateful, but clementine’s just why? It’s just bit of anti-climax and on speaking with friends this is a common problem. So with this in mind, why not try and make this year different with a little nudge to Santa so that those stockings are filled with delightful treats that will serve you all year round? I’m not saying to try and get all of your presents orchestrated in this way, but it never hurt anyone plus it makes sense…no point wasting things you don’t like. I’ve put together the ultimate stocking wish list comprised of accessories that are true hero piece’s that will last for season after season, while keeping you impeccably dressed.

1. Chloe set of Bangles-£

Every girl loves a bit of designer and these Chloe bracelets are the perfect way to work designer into your stocking full of treats. They come in a set of three and are adorned with the brands signature logo.

2. Turquoise Stone Head Chain-£15.00-AsosMarketplace

This head chain is a beautiful hair jewellery piece that you can incorporate in to multiple looks to elevate your look.  It’s reasonably priced and will easily fit in your stocking full of other goodies.

3. Pink cable knit socks- £

These pink socks with frilly lace around the ankle are the ultimate stocking filler piece. You can wear the socks no matter the season, with sandals or shoes for a fresh fashion forward style aesthetic.

4. Neon Ikat Make up bag-£

Every girl needs a make-up bag whether you wear make up on a daily bases or not. Make bags can also act as really cool handbag organiser. You can go all out with the design of your make-up bag to explore tastes that you would not normally wear.

5. Horn tunnel earrings-£

These earrings are super cool and stylish. They come in all silver and give the illusion of a slightly stretched ear. These earrings would look amazing worn as a pair or in one ear in the second earlobe for a varied stylish look.

6. Moschino iphone cover-£

Dressing designer head to toe can quite easily break the bank. So this designer phone cover is the perfect way to have a piece of designer without actually wearing it. This phone cover is super chic and made from rubber, a great protector in case you drop it. The cover has a thin gold chain so that you can hang it around your neck for easy access.

7. Turban-£

Turbans have been a hot trend for the season and celebrities like the Olsen twins and Miley Cyrus have all rocked out the trend. These pieces are perfect for an effortless fashion forward look.

8. Monica Vinader-£95.00-

This red bracelet is a cutenumber you can slip into stocking and is traditionally worn as a friendship bracelet but it can have any sentimental value that you wish. It’s on a vibrant red cord and has detailing of rose gold plated on sterling silver.

9. Opaque Cotton tights- £

Spring summer or autumn winter you can never go wrong with a pair of tights. Coloured tights allow you to work colour into your look that in a varied way. Tights look great teamed with skirts or shorts and are always great for giving you that extra warmth.

10. Combined Leather Glove-£35.90-

Tartan has been a huge trend for the season and these gloves see a dark checks featured on the top. These stylish gloves are in all leather so your hands will be kept snuggled and warm throughout the wintery seasons to come.

There you have it, my top ten hero pieces as stocking filler ideas. Which pieces would you love to see in yours?


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