Yunus and Eliza Statement Jewellery

There’s not much more I enjoy in the world than surfing the web for amazing innovative fashion treats, call it ‘sad’ if you like but when it’s quirky and out there I get even more excited!

It’s always an expensive task bringing in your new season wardrobe staples, making sure they are on trend, while ensuring you get your cost per wear out of them can all get a bit much. The last things you want to think about and afford are accessories and jewellery!

Nether the less I love jewellery and accessories all the same and can’t help myself from being in search of hidden treasures. I have to admit it’s only been of recent years that I’ve started becoming more in tune with my jewellery collection. For years I’ve underestimated the value of how much jewellery can enhance a look.

The great thing about investing in designer jewellery is you know that it will last compared to its costume jewellery counterpart. You can wear designer pieces season after season and feel just as stylish and cool as the first time you wore it.

Jewellery adds that glam and sparkle and helps to define a fashion forward enviable look. My favourite jewellery pieces are rings, and I love the way you can stack rings in versatile compositions. I also love earrings, they help to define and frame your face in the same way necklaces and chokers can. 

With Christmas just around the corner I thought I’d share with you a label that is taking the fashion film, and music industry by a storm called Yunus and Eliza. The duos have compiled an eclectic collection of sculpted award winning jewellery.  The pair launched back in 2009 and ever since they have been designing the most lustful of jewellery pieces I’ve seen to date. Both designers have a background in art, Yunus studied Art and Design at Westminster whilst Eliza worked as a freelance sculptor before going to Heatherley School of Fine Art studying History followed by portrait sculpture. Neither trained as a jeweller they took the ingenuity of their skills, combining them to produce a jewellery label that’s wild yet eloquent.

Yunas and Eliza also design bespoke pieces for clients in whom their pieces have featured in block buster filmsJack the giant Slayer and head pieces for Universal records.  Yuns and Eliza range of jewellery are truly sculpted wearable art pieces that conjoin fashion and art into fantasying fascinating designs.

The pair feel strongly against the growing culture of disposable fashion and want to eradicate this buying tendency by making jewellery that up holds the most quality and craftsmanship in beautiful yet raw handmade designs.

The London based designers whose works are instantly recognisable are romantic with an essence of British Nostalgia, whilst  have infusions of wild and rebellious streaks in futuristic designs.

Which collections is your favorite?


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